Are You a Side-scroller?

The side-scroller category comes with many cliches. Here's how to get past the stereotypes and succeed with side-scrollers.

Which OS Should You Target?

The good news is that a majority of mobile users own a smartphone. The bad news? They're using a half-dozen different operating systems. Here, a veteran analyst explains what to consider.

Crossing the Mobile Development Gap

Write once, run everywhere is the brass ring of app development. HTML5 lets developers reach out and grab it.

App Development for Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft has turned its attention to touch interfaces and put the company firmly in the mobile application development world. Here's what app developers need to know when considering the platform.

Tracking App Performance

Application performance management tools tell developers how well their app works once it's in the customers' hands. Here's what developers need to know.

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