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Appcelerator is an all-inclusive development environment that simplifies mobile development. App developers can rapidly build, test, package and publish mobile, desktop and Web applications; debug apps on the simulator or a device; and package and publish apps to an app store. It’s app creation made easy.


LiveCode is a cross-platform app development environment with a very high-level, English-like programming language. LiveCode supports seven platforms, multimedia, GUI development, SQL database access, text and data processing and much more. Pricing depends on your development needs, but the good news is it has no royalty, distribution or hosting fees.

App Annie

App Annie is an infrastructure and analytics platform -- employing advanced statistical models -- that helps mobile app developers “do the math behind the AppStores.” Because of its freemium business model, it offers completely free analytics and market analysis services to all app publishers worldwide.


Scoreloop is a platform for mobile app developers who want to add social media elements to their mobile games. Its social gaming ecosystem creates communities and connections. Scoreloop is customizable and cross-platform, supporting social network connections, in-app purchases and virtual currency.  


AppBreeder is an online mobile app builder. No programming is required to create native apps that you can publish to iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. There are modest monthly charges for each of the platforms you publish to.


Appafolio is for business developers who want to easily create folios for iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Kindle Fire. No programming required!  Just upload photos and videos to create a folio as a native app.


Tiggzi is a cloud-based platform for developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 mobile apps. Because Tiggzi is integrated with pre-built back-end cloud services and collaboration capabilities, developers can rapidly create complete mobile apps, including user interfaces and application


uTest helps developers with end-to-end app testing. uTest offers a range of testing types for the web, desktop and mobile apps, including services for testing the functionality, security, load bearing, localization and usability of your apps.

Game Closure

Mobile app developers can use the Game Closure SDK-- an HTML5 -based cross-platform game technology-- to create games in JavaScript that run on web browsers, mobile phones and tablets. Because Game Closure games use the same code across platforms, developers don’t have to create different versions for new devices.


Dapp is an iPhone app that helps users design, well, iPhone apps. Dapp offers full control over the app design, plus the ability to export the iPhone SDK code, visual design prototyping, support for the Retina Display and a preview of your live app.


Using the GENWI mobile content management system (mCMS), developers can create native and HTML5 apps that are published once in the cloud, then automatically delivered to mobile devices including the iPhone, Android devices and iPads.


If you’re an app developer who is creating multi-platform web apps based on HTML5, you might want to consider Sencha. Sencha is a professional application development software for today’s multi-device world, combining JavaScript and other tools for developers building multi-platform, multi-device business apps.

App Press

Using App Press, developers can create mobile websites as well as Android and iOS apps without writing a single line of code. Using a Web-based CMS, App Press allows developers to rapidly prototype their app 100-percent code-free, create a mock-up quickly and preview it instantly on any smartphone or tablet.


Using RareWire App Creation Studio, developers can build native apps for iOS and Android using an XML-based language, WIRE. RareWire can be used by developers to build an app, and design and test apps for free. It’s free for building, testing and sharing apps.


Precog is an analytics platform for mobile app developers who want to analyze data and rapidly deploy data-driven apps. Precog enables application developers to capture large amounts of data, enrich that data with add-ons from Precog’s marketplace, and perform sophisticated analytics, statistics and predictive modeling on that data.  


Precog is an analytics platform for mobile app developers who want to analyze data and rapidly deploy data-driven apps. Precog enables application developers to capture large amounts of data, enrich that data with add-ons from Precog’s marketplace, and perform sophisticated analytics, statistics and predictive modeling on that data.  


Parse lets developers add powerful and scalable backends to their mobile apps. For app developers who never want to develop, deploy or maintain their own server-side stack, Parse provides all the server-side functionality they need for creating rich, Internet-enabled

Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics is a mobile app measurement tool. Flurry Analytics is used in nearly a quarter of a million applications to measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, revenue and more. Flurry Analytics is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, BlackBerry and JavaME.

Kendo UI Mobile

Kendo UI Mobile lets developers build HTML5 apps that look-and-feel native on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Using only HTML5 and JavaScript, developers can create fully customized native apps for multiple phone and tablet platforms with a single UI codebase.

GameSalad Creator

GameSalad Creator is a visual drag-and-drop interface backed by a complex behavior library for use by game designers. No coding is required -- you can test your apps on Apple devices and publish your games to the App Store.


CloudMine frees developers from the need to manage backends and lets them focus instead on developing apps for web and mobile devices. CloudMine supports Android, iOS, WindowsPhone and HTML5 platforms. It provides comprehensive security, plus custom code, analytics, and the ability to store and synchronize content.


Chupamobile is where developers buy and sell app source code packages and components for a variety of mobile development languages and frameworks. Chupamobile is a marketplace and library of good, ready-made components and documented code samples.


With Mopapp, developers can determine the market penetration of their mobile apps with real-time intelligence and customized reporting. Mopapp’s dashboard, automated reports, reviews lists and comparison charts enable developers to increase downloads, and improve ratings and profitability.


Appsfunder is a service developers can use to crowdfund their mobile apps -- and keep full ownership. As pledge amounts are reached within the target timeframe, 80 percent of each milestone’s funding is made available. Appsfunder tracks actual sales and organizes pay-backs to the funders.


Pieceable makes your iOS apps work in a browser. Upload your application right from a command line, and your iOS apps will work in the browser on your PC.  No code changes are needed. Pieceable helps developers demo their products and close sales.


Apptopia is like an eBay for selling and buying ownership of mobile applications. Apptopia helps developers sell their mobile apps and other source code, manages the selling process, and connects the buyer and seller, working with the relevant app store to secure the transfer. is an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute. W3C, Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft and others have launched this new resource in order to create a “definitive resource” for all open web technologies.


Ooomf helps mobile app developers find early adopters, involve them in the creation process and avoid app store oblivion. Ooomf also creates a website for developers topromote their app. All current features of Ooomf are free, though premium features maybe


Vungle's technology lets mobile app developers promote their app and also start getting paid by showing 15 second video trailers. The idea is that users find video trailers more interesting than banner ads, and that boosts ad revenue and app sales.


Tapjoy is a place to get your app discovered, with a network spanning more than 500 million devices and 20,000 total applications. Tapjoy’s network can also help developers increase their ad revenue, and it offers virtual currency and a goods-hosting service.

Red Foundry

Red Foundry Fusion allows developers to add functionality to their apps via a collection of elements that include widgets and micro-apps.  This allows you add as little functionality as a Facebook button, or more advanced abilities such as purchasing a ticket to an event.


ViziApps is a tool for creating mobile apps for iPhone and Android that requires no coding. ViziApps goes beyond pulling together existing RSS feeds, and allows developers to add server-side data and integrate functions including the phone’s camera, speech recognition and GPS.


buzztouch helps developers create and manage iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Its web-based content management software lets users create mobile apps by adding content, images, streaming media, RSS, location maps and more to their apps.


EachScape is a drag-and-drop environment where developers can select components, integrate content, customize and generate their apps for iOS, Android and HTML5.  Developers can choose from a suite of "Blocks" that provide advanced mobile features such as GPS and synch-to-broadcast.

App Cooker

App Cooker is a prototyping tool for creating and sharing iPhone & iPad wireframes, mockups and prototypes.  Developers can create, play and share mockups using native iOS widgets. Its iOS Pricing Tool and App Store Assistant help developers with their marketing efforts. 

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a collaboratively edited question-and-answer website for professional and enthusiast programmers. The platform is run by software engineers who love building great software. It's 100% free and no registration is required.


Crittercism helps developers track support issues in their mobile apps. Its technology is easily integrated into any mobile app and connects to a cloud-based service for monitoring apps. It even lets the developer communicate to end-users of its apps.


Got beta testers? BetaBait helps developers find beta testers for new apps and services. They cultivate an audience of early adopters eager to try out new web, social and mobile apps, thus providing a way for your apps to be discovered -- and for potential beta testers to find you.


With AppMakr, anyone can build a rich content-based app for iOS, without any coding whatsoever. And it’s free. AppMakr is a browser-based tool for creating iPhone apps using a point-and-click solution. It’s a cool tool for anyone with existing content, fans or customers.


Stencyl calls itself a “Game Studio in a Box,” and that’s an apt description. Even without coding, you can design and publish your own 2D game. Platforms supported include iOS, Flash, desktop and the Chrome Web Store. Android and HTML5 support are on their way.


MobileDevHQ offers a service to help mobile app developers increase their rankings in app stores. Using App Store Optimization (SEO), developers can track the ranking of their apps, optimize search keywords and compare their progress against competitors.  There’s even a free version of the service.

Smartface Platform

Smartface Platform empowers cross-platform mobile application development. You can develop cross-platform native mobile apps with visual scripting, sync and manage them over-the-air, and distribute and monetize your apps. Plus, there’s an edition you can license for free.


Monkeyrunner is a mobile application testing tool for Android that lets developers test applications and devices. With monkeyrunner, developers can perform functional and regression testing and can automate the testing of multiple devices. Monkeyrunner uses Jython, an implementation of Python that uses Java.

RhoMobile Suite

RhoMobile Suite is an open-source framework based on Ruby. With RhoMobile Suite, device type, operating system and screen size don’t matter. It’s truly platform-agnostic mobile app development, and yet you have complete control over how applications behave on different devices. Very cool.

iPad Application Development for Dummies

The “iPad Application Development for Dummies” may be one of the best mobile development tools you can have. From developing the concepts to learning the SDK and building an industrial strength iPad app, this complete tutorial will be a useful guide.


Want to build your mobile app once, using only Web standard HTML and JavaScript, then deploy it to seven platforms? PhoneGap may be the tool for you. You can even access native device features, add plug-ins to your app and use community tools through the platform.


Want to publish your app to get noticed and downloaded? Mobango allows cell phone users to publish user-generated content via the Web and mobile devices. Everything on Mobango is free, so it’s an easy way to build a fan base, rather than profit, for your apps.

Win8 Metro Testbed

If you’re developing a mobile app for Windows 8 and want to understand its look and feel on a tablet, try the new iPad app Win8 Metro Testbed. This app lets you test drive the current Windows 8 beta in all its glory by remotely controlling the OS from a desktop.