TRON: Evolution-- Game Developers Go Hollywood

It’s been 30 years since writer/director Steven Lisberger first started working on bringing his vision of TRON  to the big screen. The film ushered in a new generation of computer animation, which allowed audiences to be transported into cyberspace and experience video game battles within the mainframe. TRON was the first movie to have a hit video game tie-in at the arcade, which seamlessly connected the film universe with the real world’s burgeoning video game industry.

One of the people who were both influenced by TRON and active in cyberspace was architect-turned-commercial director Joe Kosinski, who ended up working with Lisberger to bring TRON: Legacy to the big screen.

“As a kid, I hung out in the arcade like any other kid growing up in the ’80s, and I remember playing TRON at the arcade,” says Kosinski, who helmed the new 3D TRON movie. “Gaming was an important part of my childhood.”

Now Walt Disney Pictures  is bringing TRON: Legacy to the big screen, using the latest computer graphics technology to introduce a new wave of video game battles on the Grid. And Disney Interactive Studios  has enlisted Propaganda Games  to develop the TRON: Evolution game, which tells the story of what’s been going on within the TRON mythology over the past three decades.

A Game That Bridges the Films
TRON is a large universe and the movie can’t encompass all of it, so we get to go and see other areas, explore other classes of programs, even aspects of the story that were just mentioned in the film. We get to dive right in there and see everything and learn everything,” says Jeremy Miller, character art director on TRON: Evolution at Propaganda Games.

TRON: Evolution bridges the gap between the first film and its sequel. Players take control of a program created by