Open Source in Portlandia

As if you need a reason to visit Beervana, the Open Source Bridge, June 26-29 in Portland, Oregon, just put it at the top of your list. This open source conference connects developers across projects, languages, and backgrounds.

With five learning tracks, there is something for everyone: Business (Building a successful open source business), Chemistry (Taking the technology apart and learning about its components), Culture (Open source ethics), Cooking (Writing the script and configuring the utility), and Hacks (Pulling it off).

If you’re already working with open source, or you’re curious about the open source way, this conference is hosts the top minds in open source. In his session on Lye: How a Musician Built a Music Box, Corbin Simpson will take apart a tool he wrote to satisfy his musical needs. Asheesh Laroia is going to show us how you can help your favorite open source project, even if you don't think you're "a good enough programmer." The key? Knowing where to start. Asheesh has broken it down into 29 different starting points.

And if you ever wanted to know how to put the “Ops” in “Dev,” Greg Lund-Chaix, Lance Albertson, Rudy Grigar, and Kenneth Lett will discuss how thinking about operations can help you make your code better, stronger, and faster. Who doesn’t want permission to break rules every now and again? Get all the reasons why you should with Chromatic x’s How and When to Do It Wrong

That’s just a taste of what’s in store. If you can make it to Portland, follow @osbridge on Twitter for live updates from the event.

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